Website Designing

We strive to make you stand out of the crowd with your online visibility.

A website acts an interface of engagement for brands with its customers. A compelling web design makes a website sticky while others don’t. Some integral elements of any successful website involves its web design methodology, technology, messaging, accessibility, user experience and responsiveness. A right mix of all creates an everlasting impression, entices the users and eventually increases user engagement.

Digital Intelligence

From the emergence of Web 2.0, web design & developmental trends has rapidly evolved. The biggest challenge has been to choose the right digital mix for website creation. Lapisha Consulting believes in utilizing Digital Intelligence and adoption of existing or emerging trends to create websites which are creative, cost effective, marketable and ROI focused. We trust that approaches differ for every industry. Hence, With the right creative mix we work with clients to create websites that deliver desired results.

What you Get?

At Lapisha Consulting, we know that choosing the right web development company can make a world of difference. Our company’s roots are in radically increasing relevant search traffic to Internet sites and improving conversion rates. Yes, we’re designers,  we know SEO. We can help you launch Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ campaigns to reach your target audience.

Excellent Service


Google ranks sites based on hundreds of different criteria. Yes, you need to make sure your ALT tags are there, title tags are correct and that you have plenty of good internal and external links to pages – but you also have to know a lot more. You have to live and breathe SEO. We do, and our site designs incorporate our knowledge gained from many years of experience in successful traffic building.


We have an entire department focused on website analysis. From keyword ranking research, to on page technical audits and strategy creations, to Click tale implementation, to usability and conversion analysis, our Consulting team is highly trained in providing comprehensive solutions to improve your site.

Full Service

From content development, to consulting, to social networking, to link building, to website development and application design – we’re full service. Add our custom in-house tools and the hundreds of thousands of dollars we spend every year on buying data for site analysis, and you have a powerhouse company to meet all of your needs.