About Us

We are Uganda’s #1 Digital Marketing Agency, consisting a creative, experienced and multi-talented team comprised of Engineers, Marketers, Researchers, Statisticians, ICT and Technology experts . We apply digital Intelligence and research to offer customer-oriented services , deliver creative & costs effective and ROI(Return on Investment ) centric results in terms of services.

We are very good at analytic,design and implementation.Our methodologies are process driven and result oriented which is what makes us good at what we do.

Design & Development
Data Statistics , Analytics & Research
Marketing Consulting
Digital Intelligence

Web Hosting

Hosting is what makes your site visible on the web. We offer fast, reliable plans for every need – from a basic blog to high-powered site...

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing services from Lapisha Consulting are geared to harnessing the power of social media platforms & internet ads to meet your...

Website Designing

From the emergence of Web 2.0, web design & developmental trends has rapidly evolved. The biggest challenge has been to choose the right...

Design and Development

We take numerous Digital Intelligence factors into consideration before we even start paper prototyping. Our objective is to connect the dots and...

Preventive Maintenance

Our experts are very excellent with on phone support but if there is a need to physically visit client premises, a support consultant is always...

General Consultancy

Lapisha Consulting bears other specialties other than Digital Marketing, Design & Development,Data &Research. Digital Intelligence to...

Our services are multi-dimensional; cutting across several sectors including but not limited to Health, Finance, Marketing, Education, Banking, Taxation, Research, Tourism only to mention a few. Our growth has been remarkably steadfast and we owe big thanks to our dear clients who have entrusted us with their business and projects.

When you partner with Lapisha Consulting we consider it a serious bond. We work with you to establish an understanding of your business needs and goals. We lay out a plan of technical achievement to accomplish these goals with a passion for results to help our partners and clients in their quest for excellence.