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The True Value of an Internship

  Internships Teach Valuable Skills and Can Give You a Head Start The best part of an internship is that it teaches a young person about a specific industry and specialty. In high school, the only professional experience you might have had was washing dishes at the local diner. Other than visiting your parents at […]

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How to choose the “right” Internship placement for your self

Having trouble deciding what kind of internship to pursue? Whether you have to undertake an internship as part of your university course or simply just to improve your CV, it is vital to choose the internship that will personally benefit you. Your work experience does not necessarily mean that this will be your final destination […]

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Core components of your digital transformation plan

So you’ve seen how digital has transformed our daily lives, but now, let’s get practical. What do the growing number of online opportunities actually look like for you? In this video, we’ll discuss the core components of digital, how they relate to YOUR business and how to get started. Let’s say you’re a mechanic whose […]

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Digital Trends in the world

It’s no secret that the world has embraced all things digital since the birth of the internet. Now we’re going to talk about how many people are online worldwide, and find out how those people are spending their time online. And finally, you’ll learn how your business can benefit from the still-booming digital trend.To give […]

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CAPI Surveys


CAPI methodology (Computer-Assisted Personal Interviewing) is an interviewing technique where the respondent or the interviewer use a computer or a mobile device to answer to the questionnaire. It’s similar to CATI methodology (Computer-Assisted Telephone Interviewing) but it differs from it for the actual presence of the interviewer supporting the respondent. Because of that, CAPI surveys are often […]

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